On Saturday 16th of Feb

Dearly Beloved,

HE Archbishop Angaelos will be celebrating the annual feast of presenting baby Jesus at the Temple by praying special educational mass with the diocesan children (primary age group) at St Mary & Pope Kyrillos VI Church

Mass will start at 9:00 am till 11:00 am.

Professor Michael Henien will be leading the young deacons.

The mass will be followed by special breakfast for the children with HE Archbishop Angaelos and a programme full of joy, activity and fellowship.

Please come early and bring your kids with you to have this blessing of gathering around their father.

(Could the children be dressed in white tops and black trousers/skirts please)

May the lord gladden our hearts by witnessing our children growing in all godliness with the prayers of HE Arbishop Angaelos.

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